Jock Itch

How to treat Jock Itch

Treating jock itch early is vital for clearing the infection before it spreads to other parts of the body. Our products are designed to treat all types of fungal infections and contain broad-spectrum active ingredients. So no matter what type of fungus is causing your itch, we've got you covered.

Here's how:

Canesten Bifonazole Once Daily Body Cream

This is the most convenient treatment option and only needs to be applied once a day.

Canesten Clotrimazole Anti-fungal Cream

This product treats a broad range of fungal infections such as jock itch and other tinea related infections, so you don't have to worry about what type of infection you have.

Canesten Clotrimazole Anti-fungal Topical Solution

This product treats a broad range of fungal infections and is also convenient for hairy areas.

Canesten® Tip

Aid against re-infection in your wash with Canesten Hygiene Laundry Rinse. Break the cycle of cross-contamination and re-infection by helping to eliminate the fungi associated with fungal infections such as thrush in your wash.

Prevention options

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