Intimate Discomfort

For many women, sensitivity around the intimate area is not an uncommon experience and can be quite bothersome.

This uncomfortable feeling in the intimate area can be triggered by a number of different lifestyle factors including:

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Understanding Intimate Discomfort

Fortunately, Canesten now has a range of products that are specifically designed to soothe the sensitive intimate area that is prone to such discomfort.

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Canesten Feminine Intimate Wash

Canesten Feminine Intimate Wash

Soothing & refreshing intimate wash

Canesten Cool Cream Gel

Canesten Cool Cream Gel

Immediate soothing relief of the intimate area

Canestet Self-Test for Vaginal Infections 1 swab

Help diagnose yourself at home

Canesten Vaginal pH Self Test helps you diagnose common vaginal infections from home. It's easy to use and clinically proven to deliver results in seconds, with over 90% accuracy1.

1. Nyirjesy, Paul, et al. "The performance of an innovative self-sampling test for vaginitis-Selfcare Journal". SelfCare 2017;8(3):1-11. Study funded by Common Sense, Caesarea, Israel.