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Woman pondering the answers to thrush trivia quiz

Thrush Trivia Quiz

Take our vaginal thrush quiz and find out what’s fact and what’s myth. Test your knowledge and share your results if you wish!

Smiling young woman with curly hair, wearing a blue shirt, happy after Canesten thrush treatment

What is thrush?

Learn what thrush is and what common yeast infection symptoms can help identify it. You can also find out how you can treat thrush and how you can prevent it from recurring.

Happy young pregnant woman wearing yellow jumper and pointing to her tummy

All you need to know about thrush and pregnancy

Learn everything you need to know about having thrush while pregnant. See how to avoid and prevent developing a vaginal yeast infection.

Smiling young man in a grey jumper, happy after Canesten thrush treatment

Causes and symptoms of thrush in men

Reduce the risk of developing a yeast infection – learn more about thrush symptoms, prevention, and yeast infection treatments.

Active young woman wearing tank top and standing in empowered pose against a sunny backdrop

Vaginal health: what you need to know

Learn about the causes and risk factors of vaginal infections. Find out what symptoms of those infections are and find tips on how to prevent vaginal infections.

Smiling young woman with red hair, wearing a green shirt, happy after Canesten bacterial vaginosis treatment

What is Bacterial vaginosis

Learn what is BV and what bacterial vaginosis symptoms are. You can find out who is more prone to getting this infection and what the differences between thrush and BV are. In this article you can also find advice on how to treat BV and how to stop BV from recurring.

Woman in shorts wearing white sneakers tying shoe

Practical tips for skin and foot hygiene

Find out how good hygiene practices can help you avoid catching and spreading fungal infections.

Woman in shorts wearing white sneakers tying shoe

Learn all about athlete’s foot

Learn about what athlete’s foot is and how you can catch it. Find out about the symptoms of this fungal infection and how you can treat it. Discover tips on preventing athlete’s foot.

Smiling man in white T-shirt happy after Canesten jock itch treatment

Everything to know about jock itch

Find out what is jock itch and what can cause it. Learn about jock itch treatment, symptoms and prevention.

Smiling woman in white sweater happy after Canesten ringworm treatment

Facts about ringworm

Find out what ringworm is, what causes it, how is ringworm spread and who can get it. Learn about common ringworm symptoms, ringworm treatment and prevention.

Muscular man with white towel around neck happy after Canesten heat rash treatment

Find out more about sweat rash

Find out what sweat rash is, what causes it and who is at risk of getting it. Learn about sweat rash symptoms, treatment and prevention.