Bacterial Vaginosis?

It may be unpleasant and prevent you from living your life to the full, but don’t stress it’s treatable and very common - Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) affects approximately 12% of Australian women1. BV is a vaginal infection caused by bacteria rather than by yeast (which is the case for thrush) and occurs when there is an imbalance of microflora in your vagina.  

Normally your vagina is acidic, which stops bad bacteria from overgrowing and helps maintain a healthy level of good bacteria. However, sometimes the conditions in your vagina can change. It can become less acidic, which leads to the growth of bad bacteria causing bacterial vaginosis. 

You are more likely to get BV if: 

  • You are sexually active (but women who have not had sex can also get BV), 

  • You have changed your partner, 

  • You have an IUD (a contraception device), 

  • You use perfumed products in and around your vagina, 

  • You are on your period, 

  • You are taking certain medications, such as antibiotics.

1. Bradshaw CS, Walker J, Fairley CK, Chen MY, Tabrizi SN, et al. (2013) Prevalent and Incident Bacterial Vaginosis Are Associated with Sexual and Contraceptive Behaviours in Young Australian Women

Bacterial Vaginosis symptoms

Other tips for better vaginal health: