Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is very common and frequently appears during menopause. However, it's not a problem exclusive to menopausal women and vaginal dryness can affect you as early as your 20s. 

Normally, glands in your cervix produce a natural lubricant that keeps the vagina moist. This can change for a variety of reasons like dehydration or stress, and medication like oral contraception and antihistamines. In particular, your vagina changes during menopause, when oestrogen levels in your body naturally decrease and you may experience vaginal dryness due to reduced natural lubrication.

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Vaginal dryness symptoms

    Most women experience the following vaginal dryness symptoms: 

    • Burning, soreness or pain inside the vagina or the lower vagina 
    • Itching, burning or soreness around the entrance to the vagina (vulva) 
    • Pain during sex
    • Thinner vaginal lips (labia) 

    You should see a doctor if: 

    Vaginal dryness interferes with your lifestyle, relationships or sex life. 

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    Understanding vaginal dryness

    You can experience symptoms of vaginal dryness before you start menopause. However, during menopause a decrease in lubrication is considered natural. As your oestrogen levels decrease, vaginal walls become thinner and less lubrication is produced in your cervix.

    What to do about vaginal dryness

    Vaginal dryness treatment depends on your individual situation, so it is always recommended to consult your doctor for treatment options.

    If you experience thrush and lack natural lubrication, we recommend using Canesten internal creams e.g. Canesten 1 Day Cream.

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    Preventing vaginal dryness

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    Avoid using deodorants and perfumed products in and around your intimate area

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    Use lubricants during sex and enjoy more foreplay so your body has longer to produce its own natural lubricant

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    Ask your doctor about a treatment

    Facts about vaginal dryness

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    Vaginal dryness can affect you at any age, not just during menopause.

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    Other causes of vaginal dryness include use of perfumed products for intimate hygiene, breastfeeding and certain medications.

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    A small amount of white vaginal discharge is a healthy sign. It means your vagina is naturally well-lubricated and keeping itself clean.

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