Frequently Asked Questions About Athlete’s Foot

Can I catch athlete's foot by sharing a towel with someone who has it?

Yes, Tinea (Athlete's Foot) can be spread by skin to skin contact or indirectly through towels, clothes or floors.

How can I avoid Athlete's Foot infections?

To help you avoid athlete's foot infections:

  • After washing, dry the skin thoroughly, particularly between the toes

  • Expose the feet to air as much as possible

  • Wear cotton socks instead of synthetics

  • Wear thongs around swimming pools, locker rooms, and other communal areas

Can athlete's foot affect my toenails?

If left untreated, athlete's foot can spread into your nail. This can cause a fungal nail infection resulting in your nail becoming discoloured and thick and start to deteriorate and crumble.

How did I get Athlete's Foot?

Some of the most common reasons are going barefoot in shared areas such as shower or bathroom floors, bath mats, pool areas or locker rooms.

Can only Athletes Get Athletes Foot?

You don’t need to be an athlete to get this infection. Athlete’s foot got its name because the fungus that causes it likes to hang out in places athlete frequent, like showers, swimming pools and locker rooms. Anyone who gets exposed to the fungus can get infected included women.

Can you only get athlete’s foot by walking barefoot in areas where fungus live?

Walking barefoot in areas like a locker room or swimming pool is one way to get athlete’s foot but you can also get infected if you share a towel, socks or shoes with someone who already has the infection.

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