Learn more about skin hygiene and health

Clean and healthy female feet on white backdrop

Practical tips for skin and foot hygiene

Find out how good hygiene practices can help you avoid catching and spreading fungal infections.
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Learn all about athlete’s foot

Learn about what athlete’s foot is and how you can catch it. Find out about the symptoms of this fungal infection and how you can treat it.
Closeup view of woman foot with beautiful and healthy nails after Canesten treatment

      Understanding fungal nail infection

 Learn about fungal nail infection and the causes of getting it. Find out about the symptoms, treatment, prevention and how to avoid spreading it.
Smiling man in white T-shirt happy after Canesten jock itch treatment

Everything to know about jock itch

Find out what is jock itch and what can cause it. Learn about jock itch treatment, symptoms and prevention.
Smiling woman in white sweater happy after Canesten ringworm treatment

Facts about ringworm

Find out what ringworm is, what causes it, how is ringworm spread and who can get it. Learn about common ringworm symptoms, treatment and prevention.
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 Find out more about sweat rash

Find out Find out what sweat rash is, what causes it and who is at risk of getting it. Learn about sweat rash symptoms, treatment and prevention.